About eBay Suspension

Thank you for visiting our about us page. At eBaySuspension.com we are committed to excellent customer support, great guaranteed solutions for all of our customers, backed up with 100% money back guarantee, and 100% effective and efficient solutions.

Whether you are here for an eBay suspension, for eBay feedback, Paypal limitation or any other eBay/Paypal related problem, we will gladly offer you our expertise to help you with your problem.

We are a team of expert programmers and coders that have worked on eBay, and still work and sell on eBay, and use Paypal. We invest a lot of time and energy on Research and Development  to offer the highest quality solutions to our clients.

We are located in several cities accross the United States and Canada. We work as a team and we provide you the best solutions on the market.

We know how hard an eBay suspension can be, and getting suspended from eBay is automatic loss of revenue for any seller. We will help you with your situation and offer you the right and efficient solutions to get you back on your feet.

About eBay Suspended Experts

There is no need to explain to you that, but let us remind you that eBay owns Paypal, and both companies represent a multi billion dollar corporation with high ressources to keep you away from their sites with all types of means. We highly recommend that you refer to experts to get back on eBay after getting suspended. If you refer yourself to ebooks and online information posted on the web, you should remind yourself that eBay has access and reviewed all the loopholes and tricks posted online, and they have been fixed, and you will not get away from an eventual suspension.

Our techniques and way of proceeding are secret, and kept secret. We keep on developing solutions and finding ways to get you back on track on eBay and Paypal.

If you do not wish to waste your time, and need to get back on eBay to seller your items, then you are at the right place.